Here are some other resources to help you waste less:

Ways to wasteless #7:
If you don't want something anymore, give it to someone who can use it: - local yahoo groups, where you can find people to take your old stuff (or to give their old stuff
to you). - local websites where you can sell your old stuff or buy things used, on the cheap. - another place to sell or buy old stuff, particularly old electronics and cell phones, instead of buying
them new.
- find a Goodwill near you to drop off old stuff you don't want that someone else can still use.

Ways to wasteless #8:
Buy products that are more durable: - consumer ratings site where individuals can rate and write reviews of products they've purchased. - a non-profit organization that reviews and compares different consumer products. - tech product reviews & news.

Ways to wasteless #1:
Reuse materials as many times as possible. - website that sells remanufactured ink cartridges for most ink jet printers, for half the price of new ink cartridges.

new uses for old things - tips from the magazine Real Simple.

readymade - a magazine for people who like to make stuff and see invention in everyday objects.

Ways to wasteless #20:
Repair things before you replace them. - website with articles on fixing various household items. - how to do just about anything. - instructional videos on repairing your ipod.