ways to wasteless #16:
Repair something broken.

Response 03: Broken Mirror
The corner of our glass medicine cabinet was cracked. I have cut my arms and hands on it several times, while getting ready in the morning. I tried to find something in the bathroom to protect me from it: this bandaid that would only stick on one side.


Response 02: Smashed Lamp
I busted this desk lamp trying to  untangle a mess of computer cords.  The lamp was a  mess of jagged glass but the wiring was still fine. Being too cheap to get a new lamp I decided to rehabilitate this one with a little duct tape. Now I really like the weird shadows it throws on my wall.

broken lamp


Response 01: Favorite jeans.
This is what my boyfriend did when I told him to fix his jeans that were torn that he wouldn't stop wearing.

favorite jeans